Hi, we are Anna and David and we live in Derbyshire with our wonderful Alaskan Malamutes and one Cockatoo! We are extremely proud to share our gorgeous and loving family with you and hope you enjoy our website journey.

Catua Alaskan MalamutesCatua Working dogs

(1st left: Zudi, Nukka and Majyk with Anna | 1st right: Nukka and Tundra at Hicks Lodge Rally 2014)


Alaskan Malamute Club of the UK
We are members of the AMCUK and are an AMCUK listed breeder, abiding by their Code of Ethics at all times.

Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme
We are ‘Breed Club Accolade’ members of the KC Assured Breeders Scheme, abiding by their Scheme Requirements at all times

Animal Health Trust
We are members of the AHT, regularly donating to this important charity. The Animal Health Trust is a veterinary charity dedicated to improving the health and welfare of horses, dogs and cats. Disease and injury are the most common threats to animal welfare, and the AHT exist to reduce and prevent any unnecessary suffering.

AMCUK Rescue
We actively support breed rescue by getting involved in fundraising activities and through direct donations. Unfortunately some less responsible breeders do not keep in contact with the owners of their pups and, as a consequence, when a dog needs re-homing, the Alaskan Malamute Rescue has to step in and provide help.  Due to the increasing popularity of this breed there are usually KC Registered adult Alaskan Malamutes available for re-homing through Rescue.

Catua On The RunCatua On The Run

(2nd left: Tabbaq as a pup | 2nd right: Catua On The Run (Nukka) showing 2014)